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  • Add AccessControlsEnforcement to AssetsController
  • Upgrade to active fedora ~>4.1
  • Upgrade to solrizer-fedora 2.1.0
  • Upgrade to blacklight ~> 3.4
  • Improved access controls api
  • HYDRA-817 allow overriding of where we redirect_to, so that nested routes will work
  • Extracted hydra-mods and hydra-access-controls
  • Deprecation fest in preparation for 5.0
  • HYDRA-822 Move GlobalConfig into Hydra. It was removed from Blacklight.
  • HYDRA-831 apply_depositor_metadata should not overwrite existing user permissions
  • HYDRA-832 depositor should apply depositor metadata if the properties datastream exists
  • Fix up layout to better match blacklight.

Note about deprecations: We encourage the implementer to create their own controllers
for CRUD operations and use standard Rails forms rather than using the AssetsController
and the AssetsControllerHelpers. In the 5.0 series these capabilites will be removed from
HydraHead. If you want to continue using these modules, you should copy the appropriate
files from this release into your local Hydra application. Further simplified examples
of this approach will be forthcoming. Until then, scholarsphere is a great exemplar.


  • Upgrade to active fedora 4.0.0
  • Upgrade to blacklight 3.3.0
  • Removed railtie to configure active-fedora
  • Register solr happens automatically
  • HYDRA-610 Using CanCan gem for authorization
  • Compatibility with Rails 3.2
  • Compatibility with Ruby 1.9.3


  • HYDRA-737: fixes to work with Ruby Enterprise Edition 2011.12 and ruby-1.8.7-p357.
  • Update ActiveFedora to 3.3.0
  • Separating Hydra::Controller from Hydra::UI::Controller


  • HYDRA-736: hydra-head should not define a rake task called ‘spec’


  • Update to ActiveFedora 3.2.2 to fix severe error
  • HYDRA-661: deprecated tasks and made them call AF repo tasks


  • SubmissionWorkflow was not being required
  • Removed JettyCleaner (broken and unused)


  • Update to Blacklight 3.1.2
  • Update to ActiveFedora 3.2.0
  • Update to solrizer-fedora 1.2.2
  • Remove calls to has_relationship
  • File assets no longer check collection_member relationship (for container)


  • Update to ActiveFedora 3.1.4
  • Update to solrizer-fedora 1.2.0
  • Fix problems where Datastreamr#attributes[“mimeType”] was being called (changed to Datastream#mimeType)


  • Removed unnecessary require of jettywrapper


  • Make FileAssetController easily overridden
  • Update hydra-jetty, to support test and development fedora


  • Make AssetController easily overridden


  • Selected facet was not html_safe
  • document_list was attempting to call Mash#get, when sorting by object_type_facet
  • Don’t issue two notice messages when saving document.


  • Updated to ActiveFedora 3.1.1
  • Update rake tasks to leverage jettywrapper
  • Don’t fork processes to run tests
  • Refactor helpers, so that applications can easily override them
  • Remove Djatoka support
  • Fixed login error messages
  • Fixed documentation rake task


  • generator has the correct solr config files
  • reverted back to using object_type_facet for “Format” facet. This is instead of using active_fedora_model_s, which made some cucumber tests unstable because active_fedora_model_s is populated inconsistently by ActiveFedora (really we should deprecate that solr field)

3.0.0: Upgrade to Rails 3


Pulled plugin code from Hydrus

  • Javascript disabled, progressive enhancement set up
  • Better Cucumber Coverage