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You can use the following options with <code>caches_page</code> in your controllers:
-=== +:expires_in+
+=== <code>:expires_in</code>
Use this to specify a time interval after which the cache should expire. Example:
caches_page :show, :expires_in => 30.minutes
-=== +:include_query_string+
+=== <code>:include_query_string</code>
By default, page_cache_fu stores the query string as part of the cached filename to enable caching for stuff like pagination and search results. You can disable this by setting this to <code>false</code>, like so:
caches_page :show, :include_query_string => false
-=== +:page_cache_directory+
+=== <code>:page_cache_directory</code>
By default, page_cache_fu stores cached files in <code>#{RAILS_ROOT}/public/cache/#{hostname}</code>. If you want to override this, you can use this option. Examples:
@@ -54,11 +54,11 @@ By default, page_cache_fu stores cached files in <code>#{RAILS_ROOT}/public/cach
The sweeper is usually called via the <code>page_cache_fu:sweep_expired_page_caches</code> Rake task. However, you can call <code>PageCacheFu::CacheSweeper#sweep_if_expired</code> on your own, if you like. It takes the cache directory as a first parameter and a hash of options as the second. These options are:
-=== +:recursive+
+=== <code>:recursive</code>
Set this to <code>true</code> to descend into subdirectories. (Default in the Rake task)
-=== +:match_mode+
+=== <code>:match_mode</code>
Required Unix file permissions. Specify this to tell the sweeper to skip files and directories which don't satisfy your required permissions. For example, <code>:match_mode => 220</code> will skip files which aren't writable by both the file owner and group.

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