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For other projects where your team has end-to-end control, the parts kit provides the entire team with centralized documentation for how the site's various components should look and function. It also allows someone new to a project to be able to get up and running quickly and efficiently.
+## Instructions ##
+1. Add partskit.css to your project's css directory and add partskit.html to a build directory (eg: /assets/build).
+2. Add project stylesheets to partskit.html. Be sure to update the path to partskit.css to point to your project's css directory.
+3. Add project JavaScript assets to partskit.html.
+4. Start adding, documenting and testing your front-end components!
## Todo ##
-- Finish streamlining example files.
-- Add instructions block to readme.
- Add code block styling and examples.
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