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+# How to Contribute
+## Pull Requests
+1. Create your own [fork]( of the repo
+2. Create a new branch for each feature or improvement
+3. Send a pull request from each feature branch to the **develop** branch
+It is very important to separate new features or improvements into separate
+feature branches, and to send a pull request for each branch. This allows me to
+review and pull in new features or improvements individually.
+## Style Guide
+All pull requests must adhere to the [PSR-2 standard](
+## Unit Testing
+All pull requests must be accompanied by passing unit tests and complete code
+coverage. The Slim Framework uses phpunit for testing.
+[Learn about PHPUnit](
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-Flaming Archer
+# Flaming Archer
master: [![Build Status](]( develop: [![Build Status](](
+## What is Flaming Archer?
+Flaming Archer is a "photo-a-day" application for hackers. It makes it simple to
+create a [365 day](
+[photo project]( of your own.
+Simply [fork]( the project, deploy to
+your own server, run `composer install`, and voila! You're ready to rock.
+## Inspiration
Flaming Archer is a photo-a-day application I put together to learn the
[Slim PHP micro framework]( The application has
-expanded to learning Puppet, rspec, Twig, and Composer, and I'm sure I'll find
-a way to stuff a lot more in there before I'm done.
+expanded to learning Puppet, rspec, Twig, and Composer, and more. It finally expanded
+to an application I thought was production ready, and now I'm using it to share
+[my own 365 day photo project](
+## Documentation
+Real documentation is on its way. Here's the quick and dirty.
-'Keeping it Small' Presentation
+* Fork
+* Deploy to your server
+* Make sure your docroot is `/public`
+* `composer install`
+* Make sure `/db`, `/logs`, and `/tmp` are writeable by the web user
+* Edit the `$userConfig` portion of `/config.php` (only available after running `composer install`)
+* Visit
+* Fill out the setup form
+## Contributing
+Pull requests and issues are welcome. Please review the document
+before sending a PR.
+## 'Keeping it Small' Presentations
### TechCamp Memphis
@@ -18,7 +46,8 @@ micro framework* presentation, presented at [TechCamp Memphis](http://techcampme
on November 3, 2012. [Slides](
and [video]( are available.
-*The presentation was given on [revision 8f3d27b](*
+*The presentation was given on
+[revision 8f3d27b](*
### php[tek] 2013

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