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Exercises from Test-Driven Development By Example by Kent Beck

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Exercises from "Test-Driven Development By Example" by Kent Beck

(This is my first foray into python, so if you have some suggestions, it wouldn't hurt my feelings if you sent me a pull-request.)


  • Invoke test method
  • Invoke setUp first
  • Invoke tearDown afterward
  • Invoke tearDown even if the test method fails
  • Run multiple tests
  • Report collected results
  • Log string in WasRun
  • Report failed tests
  • Catch and report setUp errors
  • Create TestSuite from a TestCase class

Although the checklist isn't complete, Chapter 23 is the last of the "code along" chapters in Part II: The xUnit Example. Kent says, "I will leave the rest of these items to you and your new-found TDD skills."

Running the Tests

From the command line, run python

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