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TDD in Javascript with Headless Jasmine

This project is a represents some starting and ending points for TDDing a very simple HTML file using Jasmine.

Versions are :

In ruby:

  • ruby-nojs - html w/o javascript
  • ruby-badjs - javascript the way it might have been written naively & without tests
  • ruby-testedjs - the finished product

Here we're using jazz money, the short on that is :

var jasmine = JsBdd;
var traceMonkey = Mozilla.JsEngine;
var johnson = Ruby + TraceMonkey;
var envJs = JsBrowser;
var harmony = johnson + envJs;
var jazzMoney = jasmine + harmony;

In C# :

  • csharp - a csharp version that uses V8 with Noesis + env.js to do it

Not a lot of docs, but hopefully there will be a follow on screencast kata that moves from ruby-nojs to ruby-testedjs.