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IQueryable Expression Examples

Examples for the presentation Inside IQueryable: The Power of .NET Expressions.

Click here for the presentation deck.

The .ipynb extension is for Jupyter notebooks. To run these locally, follow the instructions at .NET Interactive.

The notebooks demonstrate:

  1. Introduction to expressions
  2. Example of using expressions to construct a new type instance
  3. Advanced expressions (combining multiple branches and using expression blocks)
  4. Introduction to queries

Example expression tree

The remaining projects are runnable as is.

Constructor Performance

The CtorPerformance project is a benchmark showing how long it takes to create new instances using various methods. The best way to see the results is to navigate to the project root folder and type:

dotnet run --configuration release

The project should be run in Release mode.

Blazor App

This is a sample app showing how expressions can be serialized using the ExpressionPowerTools package. Set the .Server project for startup to run. It will automatically generate and seed the initial Sqlite database.


This application shows several ways to mutate queries to perform tasks such as:

  • Enforce limits on the query return ("guard rails")
  • Intercept predicates in the tree
  • Evaluate ALL predicates against ALL values to debug why some are true and others are false



Examples for the TDevConf presentation "Inside IQueryable: The Power of .NET Expressions."







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