An empty project template for dotnet core IoT applications deployed to the RaspberryPi.
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A Raspberry Pi Template for .NET Core 2 projects

An empty project template for .NET Core 2 IoT applications deployed to the RaspberryPi.

I started this project after reading this post:

How to install the template

dotnet new -i RaspberryPi.Template::*

I wrote about how to use this template and install it into your development environment in this post:

You need .NET Core 2 installed - you can get the most recent previews from here:

You can install from nuget using the command:
dotnet new -i RaspberryPi.Template::*

Or if you want to install the source code and modify it, clone the repo to a directory (I put mine in the folder below but you can clone it anywhere):
C:\Users\Jeremy\Documents\Visual Studio 2017\Templates\ProjectTemplates\Raspberry Pi

Then install the template using the command below:
dotnet new -i "C:\Users\Jeremy\Documents\Visual Studio 2017\Templates\ProjectTemplates\Raspberry Pi\RaspberryPiTemplate\RaspberryPiCore"

Now you can see the list of templates you have installed with this command:
dotnet new --list

And you can create a new project (called "MyNewProject") for your IoT device with the command:
dotnet new coreiot -n MyNewProject


See more examples of running .NET Core apps the RaspberryPi ARM device here.