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This is an example Logging Module to standardize logging across a Company. I basically just changed our company name in this module to "Company Name".


This repository contains PowerShell functions to setup a standardized logger for PowerShell jobs at Company Name. This really just standardizes the 'logging' powershell module.


This module references the following PowerShell modules PSGelf and Logging. These can be installed with "Install-Module PSGelf" or by copying from another server.

Getting Started

Install the module by copying the Module (CNPSLogger) to C:\Program Files\WindowsPowerShell\Modules on a system.


There is an included Examples.ps1 file.


CNPSLogger Functions Description
Use-CNPoshLogging This function sets up the logger
Exit-CNPoshLogging This is used to stop a script on error but make sure the log is written.
New-ErrorString Formats a PowerShell error.

Parameters for Use-CNPoshLogging

Use-CNPoshLogging Parameters Description
Owner This parameter is added to a field in Graylog. This can be used for searching and alerting. IE, if there is an error and the Owner is Infrastrue, they will receive an email.
Environment This parameter is added to a field in Graylog
LogPath The location the error log will be written.
ScriptPath The path of the script that ran. $PSCommandPath can be used in PS 3.0+
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