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Gem Template

This is a template for a skeleton ruby gem for use with hoe The configuration here are my own preferences, inspired and borrowed from the generators/templates from hoe, bundler and rails.

Caveats: This doesn't seem to work for gem names with dashes, underscores with lowercase is the ruby convention.


install hoe

gem install hoe

place this template in ~/.hoe_template

git clone git://github.com/jeremyolliver/gem_template.git ~/.hoe_template

create new gem via hoe with:

sow my_new_gem

Install development dependencies:

cd my_new_gem
gem install bundler
bundle install

Look for TODO:'s in the Source after generating your gems to see configuration and documentation that needs filling in

Writing Rails Engines (controllers or assets)

Note: If you are writing a gem for use with rails, and intend to have either mountable controllers, or assets bundled via asset pipe. Then I highly suggest generating your gem/project with rails generators.

gem update rails
rails plugin new <name> --mountable

Read more at http://guides.rubyonrails.org/engines.html

Assumptions / Preferences

  • Ruby 1.9.3+ Support only
  • Usage of MiniTest::Spec and Simplecov
  • Release process of:
    1. Writing release notes in CHANGELOG.md
    2. Bump version by editing the constant in lib/foo_gem/version.rb
    3. Creating a git tag of vMAJOR.MINOR.PATCH (SemVer)
    4. build and push the gem to rubygems.org
    5. (rake release) will perform the previous two steps for you