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Kitchen Sink App


My approach to this app was to provide a solution the cooking and meal planning. The inspiration came from when you have limited ingredients and need inspiration for what to cook. Kitchen Sink allows users to input ingredients they'd like to cook with and return search results of recipes which include those ingredients.

Link to Deployed App

User Stories

  • Users should be able to login and logout of the app.
  • Users should be able to search for recipes based on the ingredients they have available.
  • Users should be able to save recipes to their user dashboard.
  • Users should be able to comment on each recipe saved to their dashboard.

Technologies Used:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • Node / Express - Back End
  • React JS - Front End

Yummly API

Kitchen Sink was created through the use of the Yummly API, which is one of the most robust food APIs with over 2 million recipes aggregated from various food blogs and recipe websites.

  • Note: in order to successfully use this application you will need to obtain an API ID and key from Yummly. This app was built on a generously provided academic plan.

Yummly API

React JS Dependencies:

  • Users can NPM install upon downloading the app, which will implement the following dependencies:
    • express (4.15.2)
    • object-assign (4.1.0)
    • react (15.4.1)
    • react-addons-update (15.4.2)
    • react-dom (15.4.1)
    • react-redux (5.0.1)
    • react-router (3.0.0)
    • react-router-redux (4.0.7)
    • redux (3.6.0)
    • redux-thunk (2.1.0)

Link to Back End:

Back End- Built with Node / Express JS


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