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Search Google Maps from the terminal, get results in MGRS

GridScout™ is a console-based tool for bulk collection of location data, including MGRS coordinates, to be used by intelligence analysts. It uses Google's Places API.

For more information, see or the docs folder.

What's MGRS?

Military Grid Reference System. It's used by NATO militaries because it's concise, minimizes distortion, and makes for easy math. It's a whole-world variant of the UTM coordinate system. Latitude and longitude are so 1941.

Installing GridScout™

  1. Python 2.7 required. Your OS probably already has it installed.

  2. Install the following python modules:

    pip2 install --user colorama googlemaps mgrs schema

  3. Download GridScout™. You can get it as a zipball or tarball, or through the Git repo as follows:


    git clone

  4. Get a Google API key for their "Places" API and store it in the config subdirectory.

    vi ~/gridscout/config/google_places.key

Running GridScout™

cd gridscout


Screenshot of a GridScout™ search for newspaper publishers

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