A permissive slug generator that works with unicode.
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Permissive slug generator that works with unicode. We keep only characters from the categories Letter, Number and Separator (see Unicode Categories) and the common CJK Unified Ideographs as defined in the version 6.0.0 of the Unicode specification.

Inspired by unicode-slugify. Note that this slug generator is different from node-slug which focus on translating unicode characters to english or latin equivalent.

Quick Examples

uslug('Быстрее и лучше!') // 'быстрее-и-лучше'
uslug('汉语/漢語') // '汉语漢語'

uslug('Y U NO', { lower: false })) // 'Y-U-NO'
uslug('Y U NO', { spaces: true })) // 'y u no'
uslug('Y-U|NO', { allowedChars: '|' })) // 'yu|no'


npm install uslug


uslug(string, options)

Generate a slug for the string passed.


  • string - The string you want to slugify.
  • options - An optional object that can contain:
    • allowedChars: a String of chars that you want to be whitelisted. Default: '-_~'.
    • lower: a Boolean to force to lower case the slug. Default: true.
    • spaces: a Boolean to allow spaces. Default: false.


This project is distributed under the MIT License. See LICENSE file for more information.