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added link to binary version for Ubuntu on website

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- fix: change so that it can be now compiled without being in C99 mode<br/>
- new: using alsaseq eventfilter to receive only events that are processed<br/>
-Projects already using it are<br /><br />
+This project doesn't provide binary packages but for Ubunutu 9.10 Karmic there is one available at following Launchpad repo:<br/>
+<a href=""></a><br/><br/>
+Projects already using it are<br />
<a href="" title="Notstandskomitee at Block 4" name="Notstandskomitee at Block 4">Notstandskomitee</a><br/>
<a href="" title="Akustikkoppler on myspace" name="Akustikkoppler on myspace">Akustikkoppler</a><br/><br />
Minicomputer was used for example by Notstandskomitee at <a href="" title="Linux Audio Conference" name="Linux Audio Conference">LAC 2008</a> at the club night 29.2.2008 and shown at

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