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LV2 ports by Jeremy Salwen 2010
This is a package of three LV2 plugin synthesizers. To use them, you need an
LV2 host which works with MIDI synthesizers. The different parameters (listed
below for each synthesizer) can be controlled either from MIDI CC events through
the "midi in" port, or they can be controlled using the LV2 control ports.
These two options are exclusive, and can be switched between by the
"Control Mode" option.
For installation instructions, see the INSTALL file.
This software is licensed under the GNU GPL V3 see LICENSE for details.
Bug reports, questions and death threats to and/or
The following are relevant excerpts from the original synthesizers released by
*******SO-666 v.1.0 by 50m30n3 2009*******
SO-666 is a feedback based drone synthesizer building upon the SO-KL5 synth.
It creates haunting cacophonic howls and drones.
It's a bit hard to play but making good use of the modwheel will help keep the
sound in control.
Parameter list:
CC#1 - Feedback (mod wheel)
CC#7 - Volume
CC#71 - Filter Resonance
CC#74 - Filter Cutoff
*******SO-KL5 v.1.1 by 50m30n3 2010*******
SO-KL5 is a string based "piano" synthezizer. The strings are
modeled using the Karplus-Strong String simulation method.
Parameter list:
CC#1 - Sustain
CC#7 - Volume
CC#64 - Sustain
CC#71 - Filter Resonance
CC#74 - Filter Cutoff
Sustain can be controlled by CC#1 (Mod Wheel) and CC#64 (Sustain) to make
control easier for people without a sustain pedal.
*******SO-404 v.1.0 by 50m30n3 2009*******
SO-404 is a simple bass synthesizer using 1 oscillator and 1 filter.
The oscillator is a simple saw wave oscillator and the filter is a simple
resonant lowpass filter. You know, like that other very good and famous synth
with a similar name. Just not as good and famous.
Parameter list:
CC#7 - Volume
CC#65 - Portamento time
CC#71 - Filter Resonance
CC#72 - Release time
CC#74 - Filter Cutoff
CC#79 - Filter Envelope
If two notes are played together the pitch will slide according to the
portamento time. Filter cutoff and note volume are influenced by the MIDI
note velocity.
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