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Port of kn0ck0ut to LV2 plugin
branch: master

Fix bug where integer division was used instead of floating point

This caused empty output.
Thanks to Nicu Badescu for the persistent bug report
latest commit 7ff733d90e
@jeremysalwen authored


Kn0ck0ut v0.5

--++/* by St3pan0va */++--

Notes on the source codes:

the code is a mess. sorry. im no programmer.

any newbies out there - don't use this as an example. 

any VST wizards - plz feel free to develop (mend ;) 

so long as yr source + plugin are freely available. 

no commercial use. no use without acknowledgement.

written/compiled on codewarrior 4.04 for windows

.mcp file included is the codewarrior project file.

you will need vst SDK from steinberg website.

contact st3pan0va [at] netscape [dot] net.


Acknowledgements / Licence

Kn0ck0ut is freeware and beta. No warranty, no

support. The plugin may be redistributed but only for free, 

and only with this readme file.

Made using the VST SDK and adapts (with thanks) code from S.M.Sprenger

available under the Wide Open Licence at

Uses the QuickTrig class by Robin Davies at

Thanks to TimG, FondueMeltdown, brainy & the ppl of *GYBO*.

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