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Veusz scientific plotting application
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Veusz 1.23.1

Veusz is a scientific plotting package.  It is designed to produce
publication-ready Postscript, PDF or SVG output. Graphs are built-up
by combining plotting widgets. The user interface aims to be simple,
consistent and powerful.

Veusz provides GUI, Python module, command line, scripting, DBUS and
SAMP interfaces to its plotting facilities. It also allows for
manipulation and editing of datasets. Data can be captured from
external sources such as Internet sockets or other programs.

Changes in 1.23.1:
 * Enable compression in exported files (Benjamin K. Stuhl)
 * Fix saving histogram datasets
 * Add option to "thin" error bars plotted
 * Fix label colour in contour labelling
 * Remove use of deprecated Qt functions
 * Fix clone widget tools plugin
 * Fix EPS/PDF crash with broken axis widget
 * Do not crash filter plugin if using date datatype
 * Avoid crashes in normalise, subtract minimum and divide maximum plugins
 * Avoid crash in image widget
 * Avoid issue in identifying spacing in 1D->2D conversion
 * Add Gnuplot 2D data import plugin (Joerg Meyer)
 * When loading data from import plugins, provide default values
 * Remove some deprecated Qt uses
 * Fix issue when plotting non-plain datasets with nan values

Changes in 1.23:
 * Add new export dialog box which can export multiple pages and
   modify the export options
 * Add new dataset filtering dialog
 * Add cubehelix() functional colormap
 * Add -stepN suffix for colormaps to make arbitrary numbers of steps
 * Fix incorrect colors in log images and log color scales
 * Fix unsafe commands not being run

Minor changes
 * Fix incorrect use of None in (x,...) pattern
 * Catch crash if plotting nan/inf value in log space
 * Fix getData in dataset plugin for dimensions=2
 * Catch error in too large float to date time conversion
 * Catch disappeared file during import
 * Index error fixed in pickable
 * Catch error in data edit dialog if 2d dataset size changes
 * If root widget is selected with others, do not error on hide
 * Fix undo for dataset histogram with a single output dataset
 * Fix error resizing ellipse with a tuple width, height or position setting
 * Only use finite values in histogram
 * Rewrite Line/FillSet setting controls for internal consistency and to fix
   new style extended fills
 * Do not crash with log date-time axes
 * Also ignore non-finite values when fitting with minuit
 * Avoid syntax error with invalid colormap
 * Updates to and desktop files
 * Recreate dataset now works if dialog hasn't been opened already
 * Restore dock layout when using Python3
 * Fix undo after loading stylesheet/custom definitions
 * Support unicode example filenames
 * Clip bezier lines to avoid problems with log axes

Features of package:
 Plotting features:
  * X-Y plots (with errorbars)
  * Line and function plots
  * Contour plots
  * Images (with colour mappings and colorbars)
  * Stepped plots (for histograms)
  * Bar graphs
  * Vector field plots
  * Box plots
  * Polar plots
  * Ternary plots
  * Plotting dates
  * Fitting functions to data
  * Stacked plots and arrays of plots
  * Nested plots
  * Plot keys
  * Plot labels
  * Shapes and arrows on plots
  * LaTeX-like formatting for text
  * Multiple axes
  * Axes with steps in axis scale (broken axes)
  * Axis scales using functional forms
  * Plotting functions of datasets
 Input and output:
  * EPS/PDF/PNG/SVG/EMF export
  * Dataset creation/manipulation
  * Embed Veusz within other programs
  * Text, HDF5, CSV, FITS, NPY/NPZ, QDP, binary and user-plugin importing
  * Data can be captured from external sources
  * Use as a Python module
  * User defined functions, constants and can import external Python functions
  * Plugin interface to allow user to write or load code to
     - import data using new formats
     - make new datasets, optionally linked to existing datasets
     - arbitrarily manipulate the document
  * Scripting interface
  * Control with DBUS and SAMP
 Other features:
  * Data filtering and manipulation
  * Data picker
  * Interactive tutorial
  * Multithreaded rendering

Requirements for source install:
 Python 2.x (2.6 or greater required) or 3.x (3.3 or greater required)
 Qt >= 4.6 (free edition)
 PyQt >= 4.5 (SIP is required to be installed first)
 numpy >= 1.0

Optional requirements:
 h5py (optional for HDF5 support)
 astropy >= 0.2 or PyFITS >= 1.1 (optional for FITS import)
 pyemf >= 2.0.0 (optional for EMF export)
 PyMinuit >= 1.1.2 (optional improved fitting)
 dbus-python, for dbus interface
 astropy (optional for VO table import)
 SAMPy or astropy >= 0.4 (optional for SAMP support)

Veusz is Copyright (C) 2003-2015 Jeremy Sanders <>
 and contributors.
It is licensed under the GPL (version 2 or greater).

For documentation on using Veusz, see the "Documents" directory. The
manual is in PDF, HTML and text format (generated from docbook). The
examples are also useful documentation. Please also see and contribute
to the Veusz wiki:

If you enjoy using Veusz, we would love to hear from you. Please join
the mailing lists at

to discuss new features or if you'd like to contribute code. The
latest code can always be found in the Git repository
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