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Anonymised logfiles from TryHaskell Servers


In 2016, the University of Glasgow ran a Haskell MOOC for the first time. Check out for details.

We forked the tryhaskell REPL environment to allow our students to experiment with interactive coding, for basic Haskell expressions and program snippets. We captured the expressions submitted by the students, to analyse them for pedagogical research. Our tryhaskell fork is at

Functional Babytalk

Initial results are reported in our TFPIE 2017 paper, entitled "Functional Babytalk" - see for details.

Logfile Formatting

Here we publish the logfiles from the three AWS servers used for our REPL. Each line is a single expression evaluation attempt, with the format

T I > H

where T is a timestamp string, I is an integer representing a unique IP address, and H is a Haskell expression. The let-bound variables are automatically managed by our Javascript frontend, to enable name bindings across multiple interactions.


Please feel free to use these log files for your own analysis purposes. Please reference our TFPIE paper in any publications/presentations you generate from your analysis.


Jeremy Singer University of Glasgow March 2018