ADN Revit API Training Labs including Xtra
C# Visual Basic
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Revit API Platform .NET License

ADN Revit API Training Labs including Xtra.

This repository contains the source code and Visual Studio solution of the ADN Revit API Training Labs including the old historical Xtra samples.

The official collection excluding the Xtra labs is also available from the Autodesk Developer Network ADN Revit Developer page, in the section for Samples and Documentation.

It lives in its own ADN DevTech RevitTrainingMaterial GitHub repository.

If you have no need for the Xtra labs or do not know what they are, you can simply stick with the official version provided there.

Keywords: Revit API C# .NET add-in.


Jeremy Tammik, The Building Coder and The 3D Web Coder, Forge Platform Development, ADN Open, Autodesk Inc.


This sample is licensed under the terms of the MIT License. Please see the LICENSE file for full details.