Visual Studio templates to generate C# and VB .NET Revit add-ins
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Visual Studio Revit Add-in Templates

Revit API Platform .NET License

Visual Studio templates to generate C# and VB .NET Revit add-ins.

Documentation is provided in The Building Coder topic group on Visual Studio Revit add-in templates.


Installation can be accomplished by cloning this repository and running the installer batch file install.bat as described in The Building Coder discussion of the Revit Add-In Wizards on GitHub and Installer.

The installation requires a zip utility to be set up and accessible via the PATH variable.

Currently, the installation directories are still set up for Visual Studio 2015. Change that if you are using a later version.


Please also note the alternative, more complex and full-fledged Revit2017AddInTemplateSet provided by Andrey Bushman.

For a full discussion of that and comparison of the two, please refer to the discussion of the New Visual Studio Templates for Revit Add-Ins.


Jeremy Tammik, The 3D Web Coder and The Building Coder, ADN Open, Autodesk Inc.


This sample is licensed under the terms of the MIT License. Please see the LICENSE file for full details.