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Revit .NET C# add-in implementing custom tooltip using UIView and ray cast
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Revit .NET C# add-in implementing a custom tooltip using UIView and ray casting.

First implemented in October 2012 to demonstrate and make use of the new Revit 2013 API features including the View API and UIView class.

In Revit 2017, it displays Revit database element information in a very rough custom tooltip like this:

WinTooltip custom tooltip in Revit

If you are lucky, WinTooltip and Revit will agree on what element you are pointing at and both display information about the same item simultaneously:

Simultaneous Revit and WinTooltip tooltips

For more information, please refer to the two introductory discussions and implementation notes:

Migrated to Revit 2017 in January 2017:

Please note that several important improvements on handling the Idling event properly that have been learned since 2012 have not been incorporated into this sample.

For more information about those, especially the recommendation to avoid Idling in favour of external events except for one-off calls, please refer to The Building Coder topic group on Idling and external events for modeless access and driving Revit from outside.

In its current form, WinTooltip for Revit 2017 is still just a flat migration of the original Revit 2013 implementation with all its flaws, just as a proof of concept, and not suitable for production use.


Jeremy Tammik, The Building Coder and The 3D Web Coder, Forge Platform Development, ADN Open, Autodesk Inc.


This sample is licensed under the terms of the MIT License. Please see the LICENSE file for full details.

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