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New methods:
-- Added Koala::Utils.logger to enable debugging (thanks, KentonWhite!)
-- Expose fb_error_message and fb_error_code directly in APIError
Updated methods:
-- GraphCollection.parse_page_url now uses the URI library and can parse any address (thanks, bnorton!)
Internal improvements:
-- Update MultiJson dependency to support the Oj library (thanks, eckz and zinenko!)
-- Loosened Faraday dependency (thanks, rewritten and romanbsd!)
-- Fixed typos (thanks, nathanbertram!)
-- Switched uses of put_object to the more semantically accurate put_connections
-- Cleaned up gemspec
-- Handle invalid batch API responses better
-- Added HTTP Services description for Faraday 0.8/persistent connections (thanks, romanbsd!)
-- Remove documentation of the old pre-1.2 HTTP Service options
-- Update MultiJson to 1.3 and change syntax to silence warnings (thanks, eckz and masterkain!)
New methods:
-- OAuth#exchange_access_token(_info) allows you to extend access tokens you receive (thanks, etiennebarrie!)
Updated methods:
-- HTTPServices#encode_params sorts parameters to aid in URL comparison (thanks, sholden!)
-- get_connections is now aliased as get_connection (use whichever makes sense to you)
Internal improvements:
-- Fixed typos (thanks, brycethornton and jpemberthy!)
-- RealtimeUpdates will no longer execute challenge block unnecessarily (thanks, iainbeeston!)
Testing improvements:
-- Added parallel_tests to development gem file
-- Fixed failing live tests
-- Koala now tests against JRuby and Rubinius in 1.9 mode on Travis-CI
New methods:
-- OAuth#url_for_dialog creates URLs for Facebook dialog pages
-- API#set_app_restrictions handles JSON-encoding app restrictions
-- GraphCollection.parse_page_url now exposes useful functionality for non-Rails apps
-- RealtimeUpdates#subscription_path and TestUsers#test_user_accounts_path are now public
Updated methods:
-- REST API methods are now deprecated (see
-- OAuth#url_for_access_token and #url_for_oauth_code now include any provided options as URL parameters
-- APIError#raw_response allows access to the raw error response received from Facebook
-- Utils.deprecate only prints each message once (no more spamming)
-- API#get_page_access_token now accepts additional arguments and HTTP options (like other calls)
-- TestUsers and RealtimeUpdates methods now take http_options arguments
-- All methods with http_options can now take :http_component => :response for the complete response
-- OAuth#get_user_info_from_cookies returns nil rather than an error if the cookies are expired (thanks, herzio)
-- TestUsers#delete_all now uses the Batch API and is much faster
Internal improvements:
-- FQL queries now use the Graph API behind-the-scenes
-- Cleaned up file and class organization, with aliases for backward compatibility
-- Added YARD documentation throughout
-- Fixed bugs in RealtimeUpdates, TestUsers, elsewhere
-- Reorganized file and class structure non-destructively
Testing improvements:
-- Expanded/improved test coverage
-- The test suite no longer users any hard-coded user IDs
-- KoalaTest.test_user_api allows access to the TestUsers instance
-- Configured tests to run in random order using RSpec 2.8.0rc1
New methods:
-- RestAPI.set_app_properties handles JSON-encoding application properties
Updated methods:
-- OAuth.get_user_from_cookie works with the new signed cookie format (thanks, gmccreight!)
-- Beta server URLs are now correct
-- OAuth.parse_signed_request now raises an informative error if the signed_request is malformed
Internal improvements:
-- Koala::Multipart middleware properly encoding nested parameters (hashes) in POSTs
-- Updated readme, changelog, etc.
Testing improvements:
-- Live tests with test users now clean up all fake users they create
-- Removed duplicate test cases
-- Live tests with test users no longer delete each object they create, speeding things up
New methods:
-- API is now the main API class, contains both Graph and REST methods
-- Old classes are aliased with deprecation warnings (non-breaking change)
-- TestUsers#update lets you update the name or password of an existing test user
-- API.get_page_access_token lets you easily fetch the access token for a page you manage (thanks, marcgg!)
-- Added version.rb (Koala::VERSION)
Updated methods:
-- OAuth now parses Facebook's new signed cookie format
-- API.put_picture now accepts URLs to images (thanks, marcgg!)
-- Bug fixes to put_picture, parse_signed_request, and the test suite (thanks, johnbhall and Will S.!)
-- Smarter GraphCollection use
-- Any pageable result will now become a GraphCollection
-- Non-pageable results from get_connections no longer error
-- GraphCollection.raw_results allows access to original result data
-- Koala no longer enforces any limits on the number of test users you create at once
Internal improvements:
-- Koala now uses Faraday to make requests, replacing the HTTPServices (see wiki)
-- Koala::HTTPService.http_options allows specification of default Faraday connection options
-- Koala::HTTPService.faraday_middleware allows custom middleware configurations
-- Koala now defaults to Net::HTTP rather than Typhoeus
-- Koala::NetHTTPService and Koala::TyphoeusService modules no longer exist
-- Koala no longer automatically switches to Net::HTTP when uploading IO objects to Facebook
-- RealTimeUpdates and TestUsers are no longer subclasses of API, but have their own .api objects
-- The old .graph_api accessor is aliases to .api with a deprecation warning
-- Removed deprecation warnings for pre-1.1 batch interface
Testing improvements:
-- Live test suites now run against test users by default
-- Test suite can be repeatedly run live without having to update facebook_data.yml
-- OAuth code and session key tests cannot be run against test users
-- Faraday adapter for live tests can be specified with ADAPTER=[your adapter] in the rspec command
-- Live tests can be run against the beta server by specifying BETA=true in the rspec command
-- Tests now pass against all rubies on Travis CI
-- Expanded and refactored test coverage
-- Fixed bug with YAML parsing in Ruby 1.9
New methods:
-- Added Batch API support (thanks, seejohnrun and spiegela!)
-- includes file uploads, error handling, and FQL
-- Added GraphAPI#put_video
-- Added GraphAPI#get_comments_for_urls (thanks, amrnt!)
-- Added RestAPI#fql_multiquery, which simplifies the results (thanks, amrnt!)
-- HTTP services support global proxy and timeout settings (thanks, itchy!)
-- Net::HTTP supports global ca_path, ca_file, and verify_mode settings (thanks, spiegela!)
Updated methods:
-- RealtimeUpdates now uses a GraphAPI object instead of its own API
-- RestAPI#rest_call now has an optional last argument for method, for calls requiring POST, DELETE, etc. (thanks, sshilo!)
-- Filename can now be specified when uploading (e.g. for Ads API) (thanks, sshilo!)
-- get_objects([]) returns [] instead of a Facebook error in non-batch mode (thanks, aselder!)
Internal improvements:
-- Koala is now more compatible with other Rubies (JRuby, Rubinius, etc.)
-- HTTP services are more modular and can be changed on the fly (thanks, chadk!)
-- Includes support for uploading StringIOs and other non-files via Net::HTTP even when using TyphoeusService
-- Koala now uses multi_json to improve compatibility with Rubinius and other Ruby versions
-- Koala now uses the modern Typhoeus API (thanks, aselder!)
-- Koala now uses the current modern Net::HTTP interface (thanks, romanbsd!)
-- Fixed bugs and typos (thanks, waynn, mokevnin, and tikh!)
New methods:
-- Photo and file upload now supported through #put_picture
-- Added UploadableIO class to manage file uploads
-- Added a delete_like method (thanks to waseem)
-- Added put_connection and delete_connection convenience methods
Updated methods:
-- Search can now search places, checkins, etc. (thanks, rickyc!)
-- You can now pass :beta => true in the http options to use Facebook's beta tier
-- TestUser#befriend now requires user info hashes (id and access token) due to Facebook API changes (thanks, pulsd and kbighorse!)
-- All methods now accept an http_options hash as their optional last parameter (thanks, spiegela!)
-- url_for_oauth_code can now take a :display option (thanks, netbe!)
-- Net::HTTP can now accept :timeout and :proxy options (thanks, gilles!)
-- Test users now supports using test accounts across multiple apps
Internal improvements:
-- For public requests, Koala now uses http by default (instead of https) to improve speed
-- This can be overridden through Koala.always_use_ssl= or by passing :use_ssl => true in the options hash for an api call
-- Read-only REST API requests now go through the faster api-read server
-- Replaced parse_signed_request with a version from Facebook that also supports the new signed params proposal
-- Note: invalid requests will now raise exceptions rather than return nil, in keeping with other SDKs
-- Delete methods will now raise an error if there's no access token (like put_object and delete_like)
-- Updated parse_signed_request to match Facebook's current implementation (thanks, imajes!)
-- APIError is now < StandardError, not Exception
-- Added KoalaError for non-API errors
-- Net::HTTP's SSL verification is no longer disabled by default
Test improvements:
-- Incorporated joshk's awesome rewrite of the entire Koala test suite (thanks, joshk!)
-- Expanded HTTP service tests (added Typhoeus test suite and additional Net::HTTP test cases)
-- Live tests now verify that the access token has the necessary permissions before starting
-- Replaced the 50-person network test, which often took 15+ minutes to run live, with a 5-person test
-- Added test user module
-- Fixed bug when raising APIError after Facebook fails to exchange session keys
-- Made access_token accessible via the readonly access_token property on all our API classes
-- Tests are now compatible with Ruby 1.9.2
-- Added JSON to runtime dependencies
-- Removed examples directory (referenced from github instead)
-- Added parse_signed_request to handle Facebook's new authentication scheme
-- note: creates dependency on OpenSSL (OpenSSL::HMAC) for decryption
-- Added GraphCollection class to provide paging support for GraphAPI get_connections and search methods (thanks to jagthedrummer)
-- Added get_page method to easily fetch pages of results from GraphCollections
-- Exchanging sessions for tokens now works properly when provided invalid/expired session keys
-- You can now include a :typhoeus_options key in TyphoeusService#make_request's options hash to control the Typhoeus call (for example, to set :disable_ssl_peer_verification => true)
-- All paths provided to HTTP services start with leading / to improve compatibility with stubbing libraries
-- If Facebook returns nil for search or get_connections requests, Koala now returns nil rather than throwing an exception
-- Breaking interface changes
-- Removed string overloading for the methods, per 0.7.3, which caused Marshaling issues
-- Removed ability to provide a string as the second argument to url_for_access_token, per 0.5.0
-- Fixed bug with get_user_from_cookies
-- Added support for picture sizes -- thanks thhermansen for the patch!
-- Adjusted the return values for several methods (get_access_token, get_app_access_token, get_token_from_session_key, get_tokens_from_session_keys, get_user_from_cookies)
-- These methods now return strings, rather than hashes, which makes more sense
-- The strings are overloaded with an [] method for backwards compatibility (Ruby is truly amazing)
-- Using those methods triggers a deprecation warning
-- This will be removed by 1.0
-- There are new info methods (get_access_token_info, get_app_access_token_info, get_token_info_from_session_keys, and get_user_info_from_cookies) that natively return hashes, for when you want the expiration date
-- Responses with HTTP status 500+ now properly throw errors under Net::HTTP
-- Updated changelog
-- Added license
-- Added support for exchanging session keys for OAuth access tokens (get_token_from_session_key for single keys, get_tokens_from_session_keys for multiple)
-- Moved Koala files into a koala/ subdirectory to minimize risk of name collisions
-- Added OAuth Playground git submodule as an example
-- Updated tests, readme, and changelog
-- Updated RealtimeUpdates#list_subscriptions and GraphAPI#get_connections to now return an
array of results directly (rather than a hash with one key)
-- Fixed a bug with Net::HTTP-based HTTP service in which the headers hash was improperly formatted
-- Updated readme
-- Added RealtimeUpdates class, which can be used to manage subscriptions for user updates (see
-- Added picture method to graph API, which fetches an object's picture from the redirect headers.
-- Added _greatly_ improved testing with result mocking, which is now the default set of tests
-- Renamed live testing spec to koala_spec_without_mocks.rb
-- Added Koala::Response class, which encapsulates HTTP results since Facebook sometimes sends data in the status or headers
-- Much internal refactoring
-- Updated readme, changelog, etc.
-- Added support for the old REST API thanks to cbaclig's great work
-- Updated tests to conform to RSpec standards
-- Updated changelog, readme, etc.
-- Documentation is now on the wiki, updated readme accordingly.
-- Added several new OAuth methods for making and parsing access token requests
-- Added test suite for the OAuth class
-- Made second argument to url_for_access_token a hash (strings still work but trigger a deprecation warning)
-- Added fields to facebook_data.yml
-- Updated readme
-- Encapsulated GraphAPI and OAuth classes in the Koala::Facebook module for clarity (and to avoid claiming the global Facebook class)
-- Moved make_request method to Koala class from GraphAPI instance (for use by future OAuth class functionality)
-- Renamed request method to api for consistancy with Javascript library
-- Updated tests and readme
-- Adopted the Koala name
-- Updated readme and tests
-- Fixed cookie verification bug for non-expiring OAuth tokens
-- Bug fixes.
-- Renamed Graph API class from Facebook::GraphAPI to FacebookGraph::API
-- Created FacebookGraph::OAuth class for tokens and OAuth URLs
-- Updated method for including HTTP service (think we've got it this time)
-- Updated tests
-- Added CHANGELOG and gemspec
-- Gemified the project
-- Split out HTTP services into their own file, and adjusted inclusion method
-- Added modular support for Typhoeus
-- Added tests
-- Hi from F8! Basic read/write from the graph is working