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🔖 booker

a CLI chrome bookmark parser, with tab completion.

Gem Version Build Status MIT



$ [sudo] gem install booker
locating bookmarks
$ booker -i book
tab completion (ZSH only)
$ booker -i comp
generate default config (~/.booker.yml)
$ booker -i conf

🔖 booker usage

bookmark completion
$ booker [your_search_term]<TAB>
opening a website
$ booker
using a search engine
$ booker how to use the internet


This is a tool that allows you to tab complete (in zsh only) google chrome (gc) bookmarks, and then open them in the browser of your choice. gc stores the users bookmarks in a large json file locally, so this can be read/parsed by the tool, and combined with an autocompletion mechanism (i used a zsh script, in completion) to easily open your bookmarks from the command line.

I was inspired by the kill autocompletion that ships with oh-my-zsh, where you are shown a list of the current processes, and you can tab through to select which one you'd like to kill. The completion actually is somewhat complex - if I search for 'System', it will only show processes whose name or group match against that, but it tab through these matches numeric process IDs, which is the argument that kill actually takes. I learned that zsh autocompletion has a large learning curve, despite the good amount of documentation out there on it.


You can edit the ~/.booker.yml config file, which will look something similar to this:

:bookmarks: "/Users/jeremywrnr/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome/Profile 2/Bookmarks"

booker will also try to determine which command should be used to open your browser based on your operating system, but you can also explicitly choose which command you want use, by adding the following:

:browser: '<your-command> '

development / testing

There are some tests in /spec. If you clone this repo you can run them with rake. There is also a Makefile to install the gem, so you can run make and that will build the gem locally. To develop the zsh completion script, clone this repo, and run this command in /completion:

$ make && unfunction _booker && autoload -U _booker


  • fix failure on link w/ parens
  • modularize global constants
  • single source versioning mechanism
  • autocreate config file when writing bookmarks
  • config: browser selection command
  • add completion for -i/--install
  • implement more rspec testing
  • tell user when -i book fails
  • parse all args, then if num open bookmark
  • support opening multiple bookmarks: 1 1 1