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codepilot evaluation

making changes to demonstrate committing


  1. log into
  2. log into (uses github authentication)
  3. click your username to enter the settings page
  4. 1 PERSON ONLY: fork this repo (jeremywrnr/cp-evaluation)
  5. Same person: add your partner as a collaborator to your newly forked repo (in GitHub)
  6. Other person: refresh your repos, and pick this newly forked repo

Ok, you should be all ready to go now! Thank you for participating in this evaluation of the CodePilot collaborative programming system! Please try and complete as many of the following tasks as you can.

styling (css)

  1. horizontally center the h2 class
  2. set the background color to something dark
  3. set the text color to something light
  4. make the text change color when you hover over it

structure (html)

  1. create an h2 heading with both your names
  2. make an unordered list with an id of weather
  3. make an h3 heading with an id of average
  4. change the title to be 'recent weather'

data (js)

  1. open the JQuery.getJSON documentation (
  2. using this, parse this json weather data (
  3. add each data point as items to our weather list
  4. content of each of these list items should be: TimeEST and the TemperatureF
  5. compute the average temperature from this data set
  6. display this temperature in our temperature heading


  1. first person who forked the repo: make a pull request onto the original repo
  2. complete a brief survey about your experiences with CodePilot