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###New Features###

  1. Run tests from specified directory (DONE)
  2. Make possible to run a test-suite with tests coming from different directories (DONE)
  3. Allow mixing of the following protocols in one test-suite: chrome://, file://, http://.
  4. Be able to run only one specific test.
  5. Export test results from the Test panel (DONE: clipboard is supported).
  6. Set break timeout for a test in a suite. If a test freezes it shouldn’t freeze entire suite (DONE).
  7. Support for acting as a frontend for existing JSUnit test suites. (Or new ones, if the developer doesn’t want to tie themselves too tightly to a somewhat obscure Firefox extension)
  8. It should be also possible to compare arrays (actual result with expected).
  9. A method to know the request method (post, get)


  1. I wish there was a way to check if HTTP request are passing. For example check if a given gif is being loaded or if an Ajax call is being triggered.