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Use gh-NNN for Github issue/pull #47

dmethvin opened this Issue · 5 comments

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Since jQuery uses #NNNN for referring to Trac tickets at it's confusing to use the same nomencature for the Github issues as well. Supposedly Github recognizes gh-NNNN and using that would eliminate the confusion.


I don't think we should change the default since most people uses the GitHub issue tracker, but we could certainly provide a way to override it.


@sindresorhus, what Dave is saying is that instead of using #NNNN to close github issues, we should use gh-NNNN to close github issues, so that way when a non-github issue tracker is trying to reference commit numbers, they don't get confused with github pull requests.

For example, imagine pull request number 57 closes issue 56 on a non-gh tracker, and issue 57 on a non-gh tracker exists. Having the commit message say "closes #57" is confusing. It should say "closes gh-57".

@mikesherov mikesherov was assigned

@mikesherov Ok, thought about it a bit, and I changed my mind. Let's go for it!


Yup, understood @dmethvin

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