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Layout additions

So far my layout is pretty basic. But I have added the following:

  • Posts and pages may now have a subtitle attribute for alternate or extended titles. One of the sneaky benefits of my setup is that you can create a page that doesn't show up in the top bar menu by including a subtitle and leaving the title blank. (See my hidden page about comments.)

  • Comments can be turned on by adding comments: yes to the front matter of posts and pages. Once someone has opened an issue for a post, I'll try to remember to add issue: ## to link the (now) canonical comment thread instead of prompting the user to create a new one. For more information, see and the comment.html include file.

  • Tag pages are built with the jekyll-tagging plugin. Since GitHub Pages are generated in safe mode, the process is a bit convoluted:

    1. Build _site/tag with jekyll build on my local machine.
    2. Copy _site/tag to tag and push changes to GitHub.
    3. GitHub copies tag back to _site/tag so that they are served on the site.

    It's important to remove the tag directory before running Jekyll or you will end up copying an old version of the tag pages back to _site/tag. So that I don't have to remember all of this, I scripted it in It's also important to not build the tag pages with drafts that you haven't published. Therefore, when I run a Jekyll server on my local machine, I always use safe mode to avoid rebuilding tag pages:

    bundle exec jekyll serve --watch --draft --safe
  • I'm playing around with importing meta posts with se2jekyll.rb which uses the Stack Exchange API. It takes two parameters: a site and a post identifier. The output goes to stdout, so you'll have to save it with something like:

    ruby se2jekyll.rb -s Meta.Puzzling 3020 > _drafts/ 

Licence clarification

Any code I write is currently licenced under the Artistic License. (But that's not set in stone. If you'd like me to release under a different license for some reason, just ask.)

I retain copyright on my own content (essentially everything not under _includes, _layouts, _sass, or css) with the exception of posts that were originally published on Stack Exchange. Those are licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0. For simplicity's sake, I will probably settle on putting everything under Creative Commons at some point. But not today.

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