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Elbum is a web photo album generator. Example album at

basic operation:

generate album data from a directory of pictures

  • build and run src/generator/gen-album.hs
    • give it two arguments:
      • a source directory of pictures, each dir representing an album
        • each album (except the root) must have a thumbnail symlink
          • thumbnails may point into subdirs
        • albums can be nested
      • a target directory
    • it populates the target directory with:
      • a directory of resized pictures
      • an album.json file describing the structure and contents of the albums

generate client code to display the album

  • run src/client/album-types-gen.hs:
    • it produces Album.elm, client-side types and JSON en/decoders corresponding to AlbumTypes.hs
  • in src/client, run elm-make Main.elm --output elbum.js:
    • the index.html in src/client loads the compiled elbum.js and renders an album described by album.json
  • use src/client/default.nix to do this.

use the Nix project's nix-shell with the provided shell.nix to automatically create a development environment with all the necessary tools available.

general approach inspired by

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