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Erlang/OTP on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM).

Build Status Dependency Status


Version Focus Milestone Status
0.1 File Format BEAM files can be parsed ✔️
0.2 Proof of Concept A simple "hello world" can be interpreted ✔️
0.3 Interpreter All BEAM opcodes are basically implemented ✔️
0.4 Network Multi-node applications can be interpreted
0.5 Compiler BEAM files can be compiled to Java bytecode
0.6 Scheduler Soft realtime support
0.7 Compatibility JErlang is fully compatible with native Erlang/OTP
0.8 Documentation The documentation is complete and awesome
0.9 Performance Performance is comparable to native Erlang/OTP
1.0 Stability JErlang is production ready


JErlang uses the C4.1 (Collective Code Construction Contract) process for contributions.


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Apache 2.0 License

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