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The Drift protocol daemon

What is Drift?

Drift is a simple 802.15.4 wireless protocol for enabling peer-to-peer IPv6 communication without the need for any intermediary infrastructure such as routers or gateways. Using this new protocol, we hope to see a new future for software developers to more easily use direct wireless communications for applications that would benefit from the increased security, privacy, and simplicity of Drift.

What is driftd?

driftd is a small daemon process which implements the Drift protocol as an IPv6 TUN device. When running, driftd routes incoming 802.15.4 packets from nearby peers to local UDP sockets and outgoing UDP packets in a specific CIDR block to their corresponding remote peer.

As a simple example, given:

  • Peer 0 (MAC a:b:c:d) running driftd with CIDR 2001:412:abcd:1::/64, and a local UDP server bound to port 8000
  • Peer 1 (MAC c:d:e:f) running driftd with CIDR 2001:412:abcd:1::/64, and a local UDP client

When Peer 1 sends a UDP packet to [2001:412:abcd:1:a:b:c:d]:8000, driftd will route the packet over the 802.15.4 wireless device to driftd running on Peer 0, who then forwards the UDP packet to the locally-running UDP server.

Getting started

Software requirements

  • A Unix-based system (Windows may work, but this has not been tested)
  • Go

Hardware requirements

For testing with real hardware, you will need:


From Github.com:

go install github.com/jerluc/driftd

From source:

# Clone the source code
git clone https://github.com/jerluc/driftd.git

# Install the driftd binary
cd driftd && make && make install


usage: driftd [<flags>] <command> [<args> ...]

Drift protocol daemon

  --help  Show context-sensitive help (also try --help-long and --help-man).

  help [<command>...]
    Show help.

  run [<flags>]
    Starts the Drift protocol daemon

    --logging="INFO"          Log level
    --iface="drift0"          Network interface name
    --dev=/dev/ttyUSB0        Serial device name
    --cidr=2001:412:abcd:1::  IPv6 64-bit prefix

    Displays driftd version

  configure [<flags>]
    Configures a new device for Drift

    --dev=/dev/ttyUSB0  Serial device name

Shell autocompletion

You can also add shell autocompletion (for Bash or ZSH only) by adding the following to your .bash_profile (or equivalent file) for Bash:

eval "$(driftd --completion-script-bash)"

or for ZSH:

eval "$(driftd --completion-script-zsh)"


MIT License

View full license