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Stickers from SUGCON 2019

In case anyone wants to print their own copies of the stickers I had at SUGCON this year, here's all the artwork.

The files are available in Photoshop format, and as PNGs below. They're under an "attribution, share-alike" license so if you've got customisations you'd like to make, go ahead. Just give the artwork back to the community and link back to this repo.

For the event, I used Sticker Mule to print copies of these, and the quality was great. It's a bit hidden, but they also have an "order samples" option, which lets you get smaller numbers if you only need a few (or to check out your designs).

The files

  1. Love Sitecore

    [PSD File]

  2. MVP Embargo

    [PSD File]

  3. Jerm Free

    [PSD File]

  4. Sharing is caring (Rectangular)

    [PSD File]

  5. Sharing is caring (Oval)

    [PSD File]

  6. Sorry

    [PSD File]

Logos used here belong to their respective companies.

Creative Commons Licence
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


A collection of silly Sitecore-related stickers from SUGCON 2019




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