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A Django-based bibliographic, repository, and access framework for building cataloging applications. Project documentation available at
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Aristotle is an Django-based bibliographic, repository, and access project. Unless explicitly stated, all software code and documentation, including any and intellectual property, is licensed under the Apache 2 open-source licence and/or Creative Commons copyright license.


aristotle currently depends on

Current and Future Django Applications

  • :doc:`discovery` Forked Kochief discovery application, modified for use as the Discovery Interface for Aristotle. Provides summary and detail views of Solr, FRBR, MARC, and Fedora commons objects with facets.

  • :doc:`datasets` Generic scientific, social science, and humanity dataset management for use by other applications.

  • :doc:`etd` Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Django application

  • FUTURE frbr FRBR object-oriented models front-end to Cassandra, Postgres, or sqlite, or Google App Engine (requires additional modules)

  • :doc:`grx` Gold Rush XML microservices application

  • :doc:`marc` MARC record manipulation including MARC record imports into traditional ILS and custom reporting.

  • FUTURE schema_org microformat support

  • :doc:`vendors` Contains vendor specific services
    • vendors.iii Innovative Patron API and item XML extraction applications
    • vendors.whitewhale White Whale design templates for Colorado College
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