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Jessy had reported Spec. Coll. manuscripts with position 6 of 'b', were coming across as Music CD's. Check Line 280 of parser - it has position 6 of leader with 'b' identified as music cd. (For manuscripts the correct code for position 6 of the leader would be 't' for manuscript language material- although they are not currently coded 't' in tiger,as discussed earlier)

Line 288 of parser has label "manuscript" for code 'd'. Code 'd' is intended for Manuscript notated music (as opposed to manuscript language material.)

Line 290 of parser has label "music cassette" for code 'j.' Since the format includes all musical sound recordings, including CD's, the 'cassette' term is misleading. See b2015002 as an example.

Other formats are missing from this area of the parser for leader information.

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Believed fixed in current index for this version, likely needs further work format

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