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maldrich commented Oct 4, 2011

Currently, the simple search box on the front page just reloads the page (to an empty search box) when the keyword is not found anywhere (I used the quasi-word "friendfeed" to test this out, and the misspelling phogiston (instead of phlogiston).) I do not think this is intuitive, and perhaps we should replace with an error message - word(s) not found, and a suggestion to check Prospector or Ask a Librarian etc - I am not sure what the wording should be at all - just think there should be something more than a reboot, so the patron knows that the word they entered wasn't found.

Also, the advanced search seems to either reload the page (as with the simple search) or list everything in the DB, when the search term is not found. I couldn't figure out how I was influencing it to do one thing or the other though...

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@jermnelson jermnelson closed this Oct 10, 2011

Should now be working for most misspelled terms "phogiston". (Weird bug. When testing "friendfeed" in the discovery server, not displaying suggested words even though the same code is when running on the development server)

The Advanced Search is sorta working; you need to enter a term in at least two of the fields. I'm thinking of doing a completely different Advanced Search approach so I'm closing this for now.

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