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:mod:`redis_helpers` Hours Helper Functions for interacting with Redis
__author__ = 'Jon Driscoll, Jeremy Nelson'
import datetime,redis,copy
import aristotle.settings
redis_ds = aristotle.settings.REDIS_DATASTORE
library_key_format = 'library-hours:%Y-%m-%d'
time_format = '%H:%M'
def calculate_offset(at_time):
Helper function takes a datetime and calculates the offset assuming
a 96 bit string for every quarter hour of a 24 hour day.
:param at_time: Datetime for calculating the offset
:rtype: int
offset = at_time.hour * 4
#if offset is 0:
# offset = 1
minute = at_time.minute
if minute < 15:
offset += 1
if minute > 14 and minute < 30:
offset += 2
elif minute > 29 and minute < 45:
offset += 3
elif minute > 44:
offset += 4
return offset
def calculate_time(offset,start=None,end=None):
Helper function takes an offset between 1-96 and returns the
:param offset: Int between 1-96
minute_lookup = {-1:45,0:0,1:15,2:30}
hour = offset/4
return datetime.time(hour,
minute_lookup[offset%4 -1])
def old_calculate_time(offset,
Helper function takes an offset between 1-96 and returns the
time based on start and end parameters.
:param offset: Int between 1-96
:param start: Boolean, default to True
:param end: Boolean, default to False
:rtype: Time
start_time = {0:0,1:15,2:30,3:45}
end_time = {0:0,1:30,2:45,3:0}
hour = offset/4
remainder = offset%4
#print("{0} {1} {2}".format(offset,hour,remainder))
if offset < 4:
hour = offset
if start is True and end is True:
return (datetime.time(hour,
elif start is True and end is False:
## if remainder > 2:
## return datetime.time(hour+1,
## start)
## else:
return datetime.time(hour,
elif start is False and end is True:
return datetime.time(hour,
return datetime.time(hour,minute)
def add_library_hours(open_on,
Function takes an open and close dates, iterates through each quarter
hour between the two datetimes, setting those quarter hours with a
1 bit with a 0 bit being set for times outside the this interval.
dates involved.
:param open_on: Datetime of opening time
:param close_on: Datetime of closing time
:param redis_ds: Redis datastore, defaults to module redis_ds
library_key = open_on.strftime(library_key_format)
if !=
raise ValueError("Add library hours requires open_on and close_on to equal")
start_offset = calculate_offset(open_on)
end_offset = calculate_offset(close_on)
# Each 24 hours has 96 bits that can be set for each quarter hour
# in that time-span.
for counter in range(1,97):
bit_value = 0
if counter >= start_offset and counter < end_offset:
bit_value = 1
if end_offset < start_offset:
if counter >= end_offset and counter < start_offset:
bit_value = 0
bit_value = 1
#if counter > 94:
#print("{0}: {1}".format(counter,redis_ds.getbit(library_key,counter)))
def get_closing_time(question_date, redis_ds=redis_ds):
date_key = question_date.strftime(library_key_format)
offset = calculate_offset(question_date)
print("{0} {1}".format(date_key,redis_ds.getbit(date_key, 96)))
if bool(redis_ds.getbit(date_key, 96)):
next_day = datetime.datetime(question_date.year,
question_date.month, + 1)
next_day_key = next_day.strftime(library_key_format)
for counter in range(1,97):
if not bool(redis_ds.getbit(next_day_key,counter)):
return calculate_time(counter,False,True)
for counter in range(offset,96):
if not bool(redis_ds.getbit(date_key,counter)):
return calculate_time(counter,False,True)
def is_library_open(,
Function checks datastore for open and closing times, returns
True if library is open.
:param question_date: Datetime object to check datastore, default
is the current datetime stamp.
:param redis_ds: Redis datastore, defaults to module redis_ds
:rtype: Boolean True or False
offset = calculate_offset(question_date)
status_key = question_date.strftime(library_key_format)
return bool(int(redis_ds.getbit(status_key,offset)))
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