A lightweight jython Socket server that listens and processes incoming MARC XML into BIBFRAME rdf/xml using Saxon XQuery and https://github.com/lcnetdev/marc2bibframe
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bibframe-socket Socket Service

This small socket server wraps the Library of Congress' marc2bibframe.


Use git to clone the repository and then follow these directions to load marc2bibframe as a submodule.

$ git clone https://github.com/jermnelson/bibframe-socket.git
$ cd bibframe-socket
$ git submodule init
$ git submodule update

After you have to create a server.json in the bibframe-socket directory that has the following dictionary (set the base_uri to what you want it be for the XQuery transformations and the change the saxon_xqy property to the full file-path where you are running the project).

{ "base_uri": "http://prospector.coalliance.org/", "saxon_xqy": "E:\bibframe-socket\marc2bibframe\xbin\saxon.xqy" }


To run bibframe-socket on local host on port 8089:

$ jython server.py 8089

You can then send raw MARC21 XML to socket 8089 and BIBFRAME RDF XML will be returned. See this gist on the xquery_chain function that uses the bibframe-socket server.