Colorado Collections Connection Forum September 11th, 2015 Presentation
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Colorado Collections Connection Forum: The Process of Audio Digitization

September 11, 2015

Source code repository for this presentation by Jeremy Nelson

Now what? A Library Linked-Data How-to for your digital Audio Objects

Digital audio files, either born-digital or digitalized from analog sources, is just the first step to providing long-term access and preservation of your valuable digital asset. The popular open-source digital repository platform Fedora Commons, used extensively by such institutions as Stanford and Columbia universities and the Smithsonian, recently released a new version that besides providing for the preservation of your audio digital object now offers a much more flexible and richer method of describing your object for long-term access by implementing a technology called linked data. The Library of Congress MARC21 replacement called BIBFRAME is a linked data vocabulary along with other ontologies like This presentation will demonstrate a few projects that use digital audio objects using an open-source project called the semantic server, created and actively developed by Jeremy Nelson, for a pilot BIBFRAME catalog called bibcat being developed under contract with the Library and Congress and for Colorado College's Music Library Reserves. Finally, you'll receive more information about using these technologies for your institution.