Python 3 MARC21 indexer using a forked pymarc that has been migrated to Python 3. Originally started to address some Unicode issues in Python 2.x with MARC21 records
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py3 MARC Indexer README

The py3-marc-indexer project is an MARC 21 indexer using Python 3 along with a forked pymarc project that has been converted for use in Python 3 as well.

When indexing a small academic college library's MARC records, I ran into more Unicode issues related to misencoded MARC records. Part of these problems were a result of Python 2.6+ versions string verses unicode handling that I was able to elimate because with Python 3 all strings are Unicode.


The py3-marc-indexer project is licensed under Apache 2 open source license.


The recommended way to install py3-marc-indexer is to first created a Python 3 virtualenv first.

  1. Clone the forked pymarc project and install pymarc with the following commands.(Assumes you running a Linux VM)
$ git clone $ cd pymarc $ git branch py3 $ python install
  1. Clone the py3-marc-indexer project with the these commands.
$ git clone $ cd py3-marc-indexer $ git branch multiprocess

Indexing MARC Records

To index MARC records, run the index command along with a path to you MARC records file. If your Solr server resides on a different machine, you'll need to change the stub_conf file located in file. The next refactoring of this code base will likely to be integrate it into a Python 3 version of the FRBR-Redis-Datastore's Aristotle Django environment.

$ python /path-to-marc-file/test.mrc