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Ghost Theme Starter

Ghost Theme Starter is a repo to make it easy to get start creating a new theme for the Ghost blogging platform. The purpose it to create a bank canvas to experience Ghost theme designers to start from and to have enough functionaly built in that a designers new to Ghost can get started without having to learn a ton about the platform first.

Table of Content


You need to have Ruby installed for SASS compilation.


Clone the repository from:

git clone

Then install the dependencies using:

cd GhostThemeStarter
gem install sass
npm install
bower install
grunt init

Now update theme/settings.json with the desired setup you would like. If you do not want to use a feature, then remove its value from the settings. See Settings below for more info.

After configuring the settings run:

grunt create

At this point you have a fully functional--though very simple--theme. You will find it in the theme folder. It would be suitable to use in a blog functionality wise.

The optional last step is to build a compressed version of the theme. This minifies the CSS and HTML and drops the theme in it's own folder with the name that you put in the theme/settings.json file. It is perfect to dropping into a live Ghost blog. Run this command to create it:

grunt build


When in development you use the following command to build the CSS. It will initiate a service to watch for changes SCSS files and automatically recompile them for you.

grunt server

When you need to build the theme for distribution, run the following command. It will compress the CSS files for you.

grunt build

When creating a new project, you can run this command to create the custom SCSS files:

grunt init

To manually build the CSS in expanded formatting use:

grunt sass:dev

To manually build the CSS files in compressed format use:

grunt sass:dist


You can remove any key/value from this JSON file if you do not want the corresponding service file to be created.



This is automatically create from the THEME_NAME. It can be overriden by adding it into the theme/settings.json file.





The CSS files are built in "expanded" mode during development and are compressed when built using grunt build.


Built as screen.css.

This is the main CSS file used on the front it. It links to the other SCSS files to build the master CSS file for the front-end.


Built as post.css.

This file should not be linked to in the theme. It is pulled into the screen.css file during compilation.

This file should contain all styling directly related to how text inside of a post will look on the page. Ghost currently has plans to allow dynamic styling in the post editor and will use this file.

SCSS Compilation Errors

If you get an error when you first try to compile the SCSS, make sure that you created the following files:

  • theme/assets/css/screen.custom.scss
  • theme/assets/css/post.custom.scss



  • grunt
  • grunt-contrib-cssmin
  • grunt-contrib-sass
  • grunt-contrib-uglify
  • grunt-contrib-watch


  • bootstrap-sass
  • modernizr


For more details on creating Ghost themes, you can find the official documentation at

Copyright and License

Released under the MIT license.


Ghost Theme Starter is a repo to make it easy to get start creating a new theme for the Ghost blogging platform.




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