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Work in progress for exploring Microsoft Cognitive Services. At the moment Face API exploration is partially complete.


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Cognitive Studio

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This is a PWA enabled app used to showcase what Cognitive Services can do, built-in client-side Blazor.

You can use it on your machine, table or phone. iOS currently not supported as it uses WASM via client-side Blazor.

Pull requests are welcomed! 😄


You can check out live demo

Explorer all of the groups on your account. Explorer all of the groups on your account.

See all of the identities and you can configure it to see their picture.

See user details. See user details.

Detect and identify people by URL, file upload or web cam. Detect and identify people by URL, file upload or web cam.

Create and switch between profiles linked to Azure Face API. You can switch and create new profiles link to your Azure Face API.

NOTE: Currently not working on iOS. (mono/mono#16986)

NOTE 2: Microsoft is not storing images in Azure Face API. You need to add property ImageUrl as JSON in userData.

Supported features

Face API

  • Multiple Face API accounts
  • Explore and manage groups, identities and faces
  • Show cURL requests
  • Train group
  • Check if the group has been trained
  • Detect/Identify
    • From web cam
    • From file upload
    • From URL
    • Identify from the detected faces
    • Different detection/recognition models

Speech API (alpha)

  • Record and send voice to Speech API

Text API (alpha)

  • Send text from speech API
    • Sentiment
    • Key phrase
    • Entities
    • Detect language

Form Recognizer

  • Send image or URL to Custom Form Recognizer
  • URL with instruction how to get started

Other Cognitive Services in planning (coming months)

  • Translation
  • Language Understanding
  • Search
  • Anomaly Detector
  • Computer Vision
  • Ink Recognizer
  • Form Recognizer
  • Spell Checker