How to draw a smooth gradient on OSX and iOS using CGShading
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Smooth gradients on iOS using CGShading

This project includes the class JSTGradientView which is a UIView subclass that can be used wherever a smooth gradient is needed. This is a replacement for manually drawing a gradient using CGGradient. The class used CGShading internally instead. To see why, look at the two images below:

Smooth Regular

The first one is drawn using JSTGradientView with an interpolation factor of 2, the second one is drawn using CGGradient. Guess which one designers usually put in their designs? Yep, the first one. Most image editing software does a better job at interpolating colors than CGGradient and to mimic that JSTGradientView was born.

Check out the code and sample app to see how the interpolation factor affects the gradient.

A full Swift 2 version of the class is available in the branch swift2.



Start by adding the following line to your Cartfile.

github "jernejstrasner/Smooth-Gradient" ~> 1.0

The run

carthage update

and add the built frameworks to your Xcode project.

Full instructions on installing dependencies with Carthage can be found in Carthage's README.