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Embedded JavaScript Engine for R
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Embedded JavaScript Engine for R

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An R interface to Google's open source JavaScript engine. This package can now be compiled either with V8 version 6 (LTS) from nodejs or with the legacy 3.14/3.15 version of V8.


About the R package:

Hello World

# Create a new context
ctx <- v8()

# Evaluate some code
ctx$eval("var foo = 123")
ctx$eval("var bar = 456")

# Assign / get objects
ctx$assign("foo", JS("function(x){return x*x}"))
ctx$assign("bar", JS("foo(9)"))

Call functions from JavaScript libraries

ctx <- V8::v8()
jscode <- ctx$call("CoffeeScript.compile", "square = (x) -> x * x", list(bare = TRUE))
ctx$call("square", 9)


Binary packages for OS-X or Windows can be installed directly from CRAN:


Installation from source on Linux requires libv8. On Ubuntu / Debian you need to install libv8-dev. On Debian 10 / Ubuntu 19.04 and up, libv8-dev is actually provided by libnode, but the installation remains the same:

# Debian and Ubuntu
sudo apt-get install -y libv8-dev

On Fedora we need v8-devel:

sudo yum install v8-devel

On CentOS / RHEL we install v8-devel via EPEL:

sudo yum install epel-release
sudo yum install v8-devel

On OS-X use v8 from Homebrew:

brew install v8

On other systems you might need to install libv8 from source.

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