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Maintain a single copy of arscons SConstruct #16

mmurdoch opened this Issue · 5 comments

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Currently every example test contains a copy of arscons SConstruct. Maintaining several copies (e.g. when upgrading to a new version) is time consuming and error prone.

Perhaps the SConstruct file should be moved out of the examples directory?


Good idea.
I have also been thinking about that.
The best solution is probably to provide one "master" SConstruct file and use a "local" SConstruct file if we find one in the source folder.
It might be a good idea to compare the versions of the SConstruct files. If the "master" version is newer than the "local" version we should use the new version or at least give a warning.
Currently there is no version number available in Arscons but maybe Homin Lee (Arscons author) can add that feature.

@jeroendoggen jeroendoggen reopened this

Why not.
Is it good enough if it can print version like this?

$ scons -s version
arscons v1.0

Yes, something like that would be sufficient.

You can copy-paste some code from this example: (starting from line 44)


New target version added to arscons now.

$ scons -s version
arscons v1.0.0

Please check it out from original repository;


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