The unofficial BCB reader app for Android!
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Unofficial BCB Reader for Android


The unofficial Bittersweet Candy Bowl reader app for Android! This project was started in my free time, and originally the code was meant to be only visible to me. This means the code can be messy and some details are not explained well (because I know them on the top of my head). If you're interested in contributing and you have any questions, recommendations, complaints, etc. feel free to let me know or create an issue.

Is this app in the Play Store?

I intend to launch this app on the Play store some day, but I'd like to make the app open source as well. Right now I can't decide on a open source license so as of now, so the code in this project probably won't be visible will only be visible to a select few until the app is released.

Can I download the app from somewhere else?

The raw APK

After every milestone (and sometimes completely randomly) a new file is placed in this directory: Download and install that. The app should be considered unstable and just for testing untill it reaches the Play Store!


I, the app author, have set up a private F-Droid repository for my side projects. Download F-Droid from here and install it on your phone. Then, navigate in the menu to "Repositories", then click the "+" and add "". This repository contains some of my other side projects as well but they won't be useful to you. Using F-Droid, the app will get updated whenever a new version hits the repository. This is the easiest way to try out the app for now, since you'll be able to get bugfixes without having to check my website or compile the app yourself.