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See in an instant where you can find a set of colleagues online!


This project's aim is to give an instant overview of what a certain group of people is up to online. More specifically, it helps you see what your colleagues' interests are. This is intended to be useful to both newcomers to a group, as well as existing members.

At the same time it is a great way to seek out what could be exemplary .NET Core code. As such it might be over-engineereed on some points, just for the sake of playing with framework features.


A very short description of the entities in this domain:

  • Emp: single person with interesting details
  • Grid: a set of Emps, typically arranged in grid-like layout (hence the name)
  • Medium: any place an Emp can have a Presence (most usually online, but possibly elsewhere)
  • Presence: the fact that an Emp is present on a specific Medium

In short: a Grid is a list of Emps with their Presences on various Mediums.


Warning: the example below might well be out of date when you view it, because this young project is still heavily in flux. It should, however, provide some insight to what the project is about:



While this project is still in flux, a simple bullet list here is preferable to GitHub issues or whatnot.

  • Authentication and Authorization (in progress!)
  • Craft a real logo along with a real nice favicon
  • Create a real, decent, first design
  • Proper layout on varying viewport sizes
  • Persistence
  • Import/Export
  • Custom (non-gravatar) avatars for Emps
  • Placeholder texts for Emps without details

Ideas for the more distant future:

  • Online (?) CI setup
  • Rewrite the front-end prototype to a real, enjoyable, cutting-edge framework
  • Real-time updates for Mediums that require that (e.g. Twitter)
  • Near-real-time updates for Mediums that require that (e.g. blog-posts, Meetup appearances)
  • Multi-tenancy instead of deploy-per-grid
  • Caching
  • View for consolidated stream (e.g. updates from everyone together)
  • Consider allowing extension of the hard-coded Mediums