Basic example of how the angular-oauth2-oidc library works together with an AuthGuard
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Example angular-oauth2-oidc with AuthGuard

This repository shows a basic Angular CLI application with the angular-oauth2-oidc library and Angular AuthGuards.


This repository has been scaffolded with the Angular 5 CLI. Make sure you have the CLI globally installed. Then:

  1. Clone this repository
  2. Run npm install to get the dependencies
  3. Run ng serve --open to get it running on http://localhost:4200

This connects to the IdentityServer also used in the library's example. The credentials are user "max" and password "geheim".

You could also connect to your own IdentityServer by changing auth-config.ts. Note that your server must whitelist both http://localhost:4200/index.html and http://localhost:4200/silent-refresh.html for this to work.


The application is supposed to look somewhat like this:

Application Screenshot