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Create a small website in a custom made framework
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This webapplication uses a really simple version of the MVC-pattern.
With 'a really simple version' I mean, a lot of features are not implemented. This is because I do not need them for now.
Please note that the current webapplication is not implemented in a RESTFUL way.

This webapplication has four root folders:
- app, containing the views and logic;
- lib, containing the aditional libraries;
- tmp, stores temporarily the xml file
- public, containing files that may be accessed by everyone.
Theoratically, you do not have to change code in the 'lib' directory to extend the web application. 
In reality you will have to, because this is a very limited implementation of the MVC pattern.

- You can find XML files to use for testing purposes in the directory public/xml
- This webapplication assumes that you have enabled the Rewrite engine on your Apache webserver. 
According to the website of Copernica, the Rewrite engine is enabled. 
- When you upload a file, please make sure the webserver does have access to the tmp directory.
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