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Chill allows you to easily test any REST action on any application. This can be very helpful when you have the need to implement an external (REST) service in your application or when you are developing your own REST hooks.
The big benefit is that you are able to construct your requests with the built in parameter builder.
After the request has been done it will give you access to the response headers too.


Keep in mind that this software is still in an early development stage and needs a lot of refinement. It’s also built with MacRuby which itself is still in early beta stages. That being said the MacRuby FrameWork is very stable and so is Chill.


Since we had the need of a very small and efficient utility to easily construct REST calls to an external service for debugging. This was also a good opportunity to get to known MacRuby and Cocoa a little better.
This application is being developed as an internal project for redstorm

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