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TSCOV - Check the type coverage of any TypeScript project with this easy npm package

The Liftr framework provides a structure and tools to build API's with TypeScript and express. This repo/package is for the coverage of types in TypeScript.

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Quick start


First globally install @liftr/tscov by running the following in the command line.

npm i @liftr/tscov -g

cd <your-repo-location>

# To run the coverage of the types.


Go to your local project in the command line.
Then install @liftr/tscov as devDependency by running:

npm i @liftr/tscov --save-dev

And set tscov up by adding an extra npm script in your package.json like this:

"scripts": {
    "tscov": "tscov -m <number>"

Then you could run this with:

npm run tscov

How to use

You can use the following commands in the command line or in a project as npm script:

# Show max reachable coverage and covered/uncovered types (default 90% minimal coverage)

# Define your minimum wanted coverage % by replacing `<number>` (0-100) with `95` for example 
tscov -m <number>
tscov --min-coverage <number>

# Show all uncovered types  
tscov -d
tscov --details

# Test specific folder
tscov -p <path-to-folder/foldername>
tscov --project <path-to-folder/foldername>

# Testing specific files
tscov -p <path-to-folder/foldername> -f <filename>.ts
tscov --project <path-to-folder/foldername> --file <filename>.ts

# Start debugging
tscov --debug

# Show version
tscov -v
tscov --version

# Show all available options
tscov -h
tscov --help

Example output

Example by running this command: tscov --min-coverage=95.

  _____   ____     ____    ___   __     __
 |_   _| / ___|   / ___|  / _ \  \ \   / /
   | |   \___ \  | |     | | | |  \ \ / /
   | |    ___) | | |___  | |_| |   \ V /
   |_|   |____/   \____|  \___/     \_/

The TypeScript CLI to calculate type coverage

----------------- coverage ------------------
3337 - max reachable type coverage
3287 - types covered
50 - types uncovered

98.50% - coverage percentage
You can run "tscov --details" to show all uncovered types.


Want to file a bug, contribute some code, or improve documentation? Feel free to place an issue.

First fork this project.

git clone <your-forked-repo>
npm install

git checkout -b my-fix
# fix some code...

git commit -m "added this feature"
git push origin my-fix

Lastly, open a pull request on Github.

The following npm script are available

  • npm start - create build, install globally and run tscov
  • npm run build - create build
  • npm run global - install globally and run tscov
  • npm run link-upstream - add remote
  • npm run sync - fetch, checkout, merge and push
  • npm run reset - removes node modules, package-lock.json, lib and re-installs everything.