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Neoblog is a public blogging platform that's completely serverless. Reading and posting articles to our platform require no servers and runs completely on the NEO Blockchain and IPFS

This repo is now archived!

We're going to move this to a new GitHub organisation to focus work on a v2 of NeoBlog. We will update with a link to the repo once it's live!


The traditional way of setting up a blog is to set up a server that will store your content. With modern technologies, we are advancing into an age that moves away from traditional servers.
Combine this with the decentralization of storage (IPFS) and blockchain, we now have a toolkit to provide an application that's completely serverless.

Neoblog is a serverless application that uses these these technologies: built on the NEO blockchain, articles are posted to our smart contract, while the content is stored on IPFS.
We didn't have to set up any servers at all, even our HTTPS proxy for the NEO seeds is completely serverless.


We decided to divide our roadmap in two categories:

  • Minor: upgrades to the application that require no change to the smart contract whatsoever
  • Major: upgrades to the application that do and thus also upgrades to the smart contract itself

You can see our Minor Version roadmap over at issue #41 and our Major Roadmap at issue #43.